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Superior Quality Wood Lathe from Serious Tool Works
The Serious Toolworks SL2542 is the
heavy duty wood lathe that operates
with less vibration.
SL2542 Wood Lathes are now available.

First developed in 1999, our premium wood lathe offers an unmatched combination of engineering, finish, power, and stability.

While most wood lathes weigh 100 to 400 pounds, the Serious Wood Lathe (SL2542) weighs in at over 1580 pounds — including enough power, control, and capacity to handle any project.

  See Close-ups Of the SL2542
Click For Wood Turning Lathe Close Up See close-up of the serious woord lathe Close Up of Lathe Controls
Click on the above images to see close-ups of the SL2542 wood lathe.

Serious Toolworks SL2542 Wood Lathe

It appears that most of the modern wood lathe producers are building machines with two central design features, which are a fabricated steel body and a motor placed high and near the spindle.

The 1580 pound SL2542 is built with a very different design and it is a 100% cast iron machine, which carries a higher material cost than other full size lathes. The 1-3/4" thick bed ways gain the woodturner incomparable rigidity Serious Wood Lathe Feetand the tremendous bottom mass of the SL2542 produces unmatched stability. When the owner screws the four 6" x 3/4" feet down to raise the three 6" wheels off the concrete, this lathe is not moving anywhere!

Lathe bed vibration is the enemy of every woodturner. This problem is caused by uneven centrifugal force due to out of balance workpieces, and wood workpieces that are true are still often out of balance because the wood is not of even density. Gray cast iron remains as one of the most effective vibration dampening materials used in the construction of precision machinery. Workpiece vibration from unbalanced or wet wood does not reach the bed ways and the tool rest of the SL2542, it simply dissipates into the floor, so the SL2542 operates quieter, smoother, and with less energy than much lighter fabricated steel wood lathes.

Eventually woodturners cut into imbedded bolts, nails, insulators, and rocks. These events produce a lot of trauma for the woodturner and the lathe! Welded lathe beds can and occasionally do break apart with traumatic catches. The SL2542 has a frame constructed with four pieces of seamless cast iron bolted together, so the shock waves can not stress welds or bonds and again dissolve into the ground. Gray cast iron also delivers lower residual stress levels than fabricated steel.

Serious Toolworks Wood Lathe Drive MotorThe 3 HP TEFC premium motor in the SL2542 sits on a hinged platform 6" above the floor. This positioning requires more engineering, more parts, and a longer belt than lathes with the motor near the spindle. In summary this design feature again adds cost to the SL2542. However, a low positioned motor means a lower center of gravity for the SL2542 and a smoother turning experience. In addition, this motor position delivers great accessibility, good motor ventilation and dust protection, and excellent power transmission. We recognize that some woodturners prefer to face the workpiece from the outboard side of the lathe, and for this reason we offer a heavy duty outboard turning kit. This will expand the swing of the lathe to 44 inches.

The new SL2542 Wood Lathe is now available to order! Please see ordering information below.

The 1580 pound cast iron frame with a glass smooth metallic charcoal finish, our Poly-V drive train with 4:1 speed reduction, fast rack and pinion tail stock, 3 hp premium efficiency motor, and magnetic remote emergency stop button are just part of what sets us apart from other lathes in the world market.

The Precision Spindle Cartridge continues to weigh 70 pounds and utilizes 4 heavy bearings; but now 48 position indexing, a power lock out safety switch, and outboard 1 ½” x 8 spindle threads have been added. 

Wood turning lathe controlsThe new headstock design incorporates spindle speed digital read out, index position digital read out, variable speed control, forward and reverse switch, and emergency stop button.

Serious Toolworks, Inc. takes pride in producing the premier lathe for serious woodturners. There is no other consumer lathe with the engineering, mass, power, stability, and finishes that make up the SL2542. Think of owning the finest wood lathe in the world: it is powerful enough to fill you with a sense of accomplishment every time you present a tool to the wood. A lot of useful mass below the center line, large swing and length capacity, and soft start with dynamic braking allow you to handle the large and dramatic pieces with style and ease.

Of all the delights that await you at the end of your long workday perhaps none is ever so compelling as woodturning on your SL2542. Isn’t it time you get Serious?

SL2542 Standard Specifications

Swing 25”
Distance Between Centers 42”
Height 47”
Spindle Height 42”
Length 70”
Width 29”
Spindle Taper #3MT
Spindle Thread 1 ½” x 8”
Spindle Bore 5/8”
Tailstock Taper #3MT
Tailstock Bore 3/8”
Tailstock Quill Travel
Motor 3 HP 3 Phase
Inverter 220 volt 1 Phase 20 amp
Spindle Speed 1:1 100-3,650 rpm
Spindle Speed 4:1 25-900 rpm
Weight 1580 lbs.
Spindle Handwheel 10” Chrome
Tailstock Handwheel 8” Chrome
Motor Sheave 8” & 2”
Spindle Sheave
Drive Belt !0J Poly V
Banjo Cavity 1 Ό”
Faceplate 4” Steel
Tool Rests 16”
Spindle RPM digital display, and indexing digital display

Standard Equipment includes 16" tool rest, 8" faceplate, faceplate wrench, drive center, live center, and knockout rod. $7295 FOB Medford, OR

To order please fill out a Contact Form completely. We will send you a short Lathe Purchase Agreement and request a $1000 deposit, which will be placed in an account that will not be accessed by STI until after the delivery of your lathe. In the event your order is cancelled for any reason, or STI can not fulfill its commitment to provide your lathe; your full deposit will be returned to you. Full payment by personal check, cashier's check, or wire transfer is necessary before the lathe is shipped or released.

The Serious Wood Lathe is so tough it is being used to turn NASCAR race car parts!


Contact Information

For more information about Serious Toolworks, please write or call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phone: 1-800-211-1484
Hours 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Pacific Time (Mon-Fri)
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 5829 Dark Hollow Road
Medford, OR 97501

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To Order:
If you have purchased from us before and prefer to pay by check, we will include an invoice with your shipment. Your payment will be due 15 days after you receive your shipment.

Online--use the Serious Toolworks Online Form. Please fill out the Contact Info and Order Info sections completely.

Telephone--we would recommend printing the Contact Form, filling it out, and calling us at 1-800-211-1484 with your order.

The SL2542 has a two year warranty. Click here to read the SL2542 warranty.

Product Inquiries:
Please call us at 1-800-211-1484, e-mail us at [email protected], or fill out our online Serious Toolworks contact form to send us questions about our products, services and orders. We look forward to serving you with the finest in wood turning tools.