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Serious Scrapers*

  • Made from 3/8 inch A2 steel 50% heavier than the flat-bar steel of most other scrapers.
  • Provides better wear resistance and much lower vibration transfer.
  • Offers 9 inches of working tool length.
  • Straight-turned shanks allow Serious Scrapers to be dropped directly into Serious Camlock Handles a unique system offering greater reach, comfort, and convenience.

*Handles not included

All scrapers are 3/8 X 12
with a straight rounded tang.
Scraper Blank 1 $82.95
Half Round Scraper 1 $97.95
Square End Scraper 1 $97.95
Box Scraper 1 $97.95
Bull Nose Scraper 1 $97.95
Right Hand Scraper $97.95
Left Hand Scraper $97.95


Scraper Blank (1-1/2")
Half Round Scraper (1-1/2")
Square End Scraper (1-1/2")
Box Scraper (1-1/2")

The extended reach and added heft of the Serious scrapers allow for access to hard to reach spots and much quieter and smoother finishing cuts.

The 3/8" thick steel is 50% heavier than most scrapers, and this results in a major difference in the quality of the cut. Imagine you are finishing a deep open vase and there is an area near the interior bottom where the tool rest can not reach. The 12 inch scraper length will allow the tool to extend several inches beyond and down from the tool rest edge to produce a fine tool finish to the vase area.

These scrapers will not chatter or bounce. We do not recommend overhanging the tool rest when this is not necessary, and the finish scrape should always be produced with the scraper facing at a downward angle with the handle higher than the scraper edge.


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